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Unleash your creative skills on the main stage and show off that cosplay you've been working on!

Open to all skill levels our cosplay competition has two Categories Novice and Open.


Novice : For those new to costume making.

Please take into consideration your actual skill level when entering this category as we wish this to be fair to those who are genuinely new to the art of all that is costume making.

Skills to consider include - wig styling, sewing, foam work, 3D modelling, makeup etc.


Open : Open to all (it’s in the name).

Generally this category is reserved for those who have experience with costume making, have placed in previous competitions and/or have mastered one or many skills.

If you are new to costume making and competing, you are welcome to enter the Open division if you choose.

The judge reserves the right to move entrants between the different divisions as they see fit.

Groups / Duos : You are welcome to enter the appropriate category as a pair or as part of a group. If entering a Novice group, all members of the Novice group must be a Novice contestant. If any one member of your group is above a Novice level, the entire group must enter the Open category. In a group, all contestants must have contributed equally to the costumes and props, then the average score of all members will be taken as the group score. This could mean the work is done by each individual or divided up by whoever has the most experience in each area (e.g. one group member makes the props, one member styles the wigs, one works on costume pieces, etc.)



  • 75% of your costume(s) and prop(s) must be made by you. If you were helped in any way, this must be mentioned in your registration form. 

What does the 25% leeway mean?
This allows items that can’t reasonably be made, imitated or substituted to be purchased. Common examples are wigs, shoes. Any items that are purchased should be modified or comprise a small amount of the overall costume. 

  • One entry, per person. You may not enter a costume or prop that has won any awards in any previous competition. This is not just limited to Sandbox cosplay competitions but any and all cosplay/costume contests.

  • No real weapons are allowed to be entered in the competition or brought to Sandbox Fandom Festival. No exceptions.
    Prop weapons are allowed. These are inoperable weapons that go with your character/cosplay.
    - Your prop weapon should be made from a convention friendly material such as foam, plastic, rubber, lightweight wood or fabric.
    -Metal armour is allowed so long as it has no sharp edges and is fixed to your costume. Examples of allowed metal pieces are chainmail, jewellery, goblets, hinges, nuts/bolts and small nails/screws.
    -All prop bows must be unstrung or use a low tensile thread i.e. elastic. Prop arrows must have blunt tips and can not be made from metal.

  • You need to be present at both your judging interview and on stage presentation.
    Please be at the judging room 10 minutes prior to your interview time. If you are late for whatever reason, please endeavor to let the judge know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Special Assistance
All competitors under the age of 13 are required to have a parent or guardian accompany them to both the judging interview and the on stage presentation. The guardian needs to be named on the registration form. They can form a group with the minor or be present purely as a minder. Contestants who require help for any reason, including due to health or disability are also welcome to bring an accompanying helper with them for their interview. Please let us know of any other assistance or considerations you require, and we will endeavour to help. This includes being judged earlier or later in the day etc.

Confirmation of Acceptance
When all applications have been reviewed after the pre-registration closing date, you will receive an email informing you of whether you have been accepted into the contest. If you have been accepted, (Wahoo!)  The email will include your interview call time and judging room location.

If your entry gets declined because you have failed to comply with the rules of the competition, you will be given an explanation as to why. If this is a minor error, you will be given 24 hours to rectify it. Once rectified, we will email you with your interview time/location.

Registration Forms
Your costume(s) + prop(s) do not need to be completed to submit your registration form (it will have to be completed the day of the competition). If your registration is not submitted in the correct format and/or not labelled correctly, it will not be accepted. Your completed registration form is just a register of interest.

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